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Customer case

Based on customer requirements, we have set up a localization plan for this project and have been greatly promoted in management.

    Wireless location based on wifi network management system, through advanced precise positioning technology, can be in the nursing home floor environment implemented the function of the location, monitoring, tracking, and can be combined with nursing management system, entrance guard system, implement YiKaShi floor electronic management. The location of the old man can be found in the background, and the service quality of the medical staff can be learned in time through the Internet. The health of the elderly can also be warned ahead of time
    According to the characteristics of tourist resources in guiyang scenic spot, we have developed a WIFI positioning scheme for this project to realize the rapid rise of smart scenic spots, so as to make the scenic spot improve greatly in management.
    Lloyds, based on the concept of wisdom campus, around the school, teachers, students, parents at the heart of the concern, to create the wisdom management as the core, safe campus as the guarantee, in a harmonious home school as a link, to quality for the development of the engine's wisdom campus overall solution.
    Hope all aspects of school management can improve ability by improving the informationization level our company management for the school to implement "lloyds ning" wisdom campus solutions, real-time positioning, a key for help, quick brush consumption, psychological testing, step
The nursing home is located in taicang, suzhou, jiangsu province. It covers an area of 50,000 square meters and covers an area of 80,000 square meters. For the special design of the aged friends, cultural entertainment, rehabilitation and fitness, leisure holiday as one of the multi-functional high-end living apartment, can accommodate 500 elderly people at the same time.
A detention center in jiangsu province has been using our WIFI positioning system, this system specifically for prisons, detention, labor camps, compulsory rehabilitation centers, intellectual disabilities from care in areas such as design, based on WIFI positioning technology personnel and provide identification, naming, positioning and tracking of the system.
As one of the earliest WIFI positioning suppliers in China, we adopt the most advanced real-time positioning technology, developed a real-time positioning system based on wireless local area network (wlan) of construction safety, for construction enterprise to provide a complete set of assets, personnel tracking localization solutions.
A hospital in jiangsu province has adopted our WIFI positioning system to provide comprehensive treatment services for patients. We also provide personnel and fixed asset management services for hospital management.

The logistics case

Informatization, transparency and efficiency of goods, containers, vehicles and personnel management

    One logistics service, which has eight large storage areas in jiangsu province, has been set up for collection, storage, packaging and distribution. In order to improve and improve the quality and efficiency of logistics work, we have designed an intelligent logistics system based on wireless positioning.
    Optimize the operation process and improve the level of automation