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  • Intelligent bracelet

    Anycool Smart bracelet, designed for specific users, can be customized.

  • Positioning system (GPS)

    Anylink The positioning system is based on WIFI network and bluetooth beacon, which adopts the industry-leading positioning algorithm and supports multiple positioning methods.

  • 3D Indoor map

    Anyreal Indoor map, can connect with the outdoor navigation map seamlessly, and achieve the perfect switch.

  • Wireless AP and Beacon

    Anycute Series of bluetooth, wireless AP and to provide various types of construction cost performance excellent positioning network, different network scheme to meet the needs of different application scenarios, provide good customer service experience, improving operation value.

Intelligent bracelet

Anycool smart bracelet, designed for specific users, can be customized on demand.

    The new generation of smart positioning bracelet, wisdom is more secure
    GNSS/WIFI/bluetooth/inertial navigation
    Magnetic charging position binding emergency call intelligent speech interpretation touch payment
    Health monitoring, location triggered voice broadcast
   Low power consumption wireless positioning, low power automatic reminder
   Dustproof, anti-fall, high water proof
   Adopt environmental protection material, accord with human body engineering design

Positioning system (GPS)

The Anylink positioning system is based on WIFI and bluetooth beacons, and USES industry-leading positioning algorithms to support multiple location-based approaches.

    Adopt international leading indoor and external positioning technology
    Support WIFI bluetooth GNSS multiple ways to locate and support inertial navigation
    Automatically adapt and switch location according to the change of environment
    The precision reaches the international leading level, indoor can reach 1-3m, outdoor can reach 3-10M
   No need to collect signal, construction is simple, help customers to achieve the expectation with the lowest cost

3D interior map

Anyreal indoor map can seamlessly connect with the outdoor navigation map and realize the perfect switch

   The accuracy of the map is high, with an average accuracy of 10CM
   Use vector map format to zoom in and out without impact
   Use 3D map format to show more image
   Adopt international WGS84 standard
    The map is rich in color and can be adjusted or customized according to demand
   POI is rich and can be set by itself
   The map has the functions of query positioning, route planning and navigation

Wireless AP and Beacon

Series Anycute, bluetooth, wireless AP and for each type of construction to provide cost-effective superior location network, different network scheme to meet the needs of different application scenarios, provide good customer service experience, improving operation value.

    High quality wireless signal, anti-interference, wide application scope
    Support for voice and data transmission; Using radio technology, the transmission range is large
    It is easy to eavesdrop on the frequency - hopping technology.
   Support long talk, support equipment short distance communication
   It is widely used in various telephone systems, wireless cables, digital electronic devices and other fields

Big data analysis system

Anycloud data analysis system, to deep mining of user behavior, the location data, through the large data of the abstract data into charts and conclusion, help operators use data to improve the efficiency of management.

   Real-time passenger flow statistics, passenger flow, average stay time, new and old customer analysis
   The hot map shows the instantaneous flow and the analysis of the situation of the area
    Analysis regional point value based on the area point traffic and conversion rate
    Automatic analysis of the impact of abortion, the proportion of new and old customers
   The client provides customer conversion rate and retention time

Electronic tags

Anycool electronic tag provides customers with electronic labels for different areas and provides customization

    We provide electronic positioning tags for customers in various fields
   Provide customized products according to customer requirements
   To manage and manage the warehouse management
   Can play the role of identifying, tracking and gathering information
   The label has a type of card, wristband
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