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Wireless positioning solution based on wifi network

Wireless location based on wifi network management system, through advanced precise positioning technology, can be in the nursing home floor environment implemented the function of the location, monitoring, tracking, and can be combined with nursing management system, entrance guard system, implement YiKaShi floor electronic management

The solution

Wireless positioning management system based on wifi network, through advanced and accurate positioning technology
We have developed a WIFI location plan for the project based on customer demand

Real time positioning
Real-time location of personnel area
The number of people in the area is counted
Sound alarm real-time warning

Positioning accuracy
Locate the floor area
TLocate the terminal area
High precision of positioning

One cartoon
Integrated consumer card features
Integration of consumption orientation
Provide location services

Baby, guard against theft
The anti-theft system is mainly solved
Prevent the loss of babies
Avoid problems with mis-holding

Maternal and child pairs
The tag has a unique ID number
The mother-baby tag is in the database
To pair and associate

Event tracing query
The range of infant activities
Medical staff and parents enter
The system records automatically

Warehousing solution

Wireless location based on wifi network management system, can be in all the wifi environment of cargo, containers, vehicles and personnel management informatization, transparent, instant control, handling objections, to provide fast, efficient and reliable service. At the same time, the operation process should be optimized to improve the level of automation in all links, reduce human error, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. We will strengthen vehicle management, optimize the allocation of assets such as vehicles and containers, improve asset utilization, reduce costs and expand earnings. We will strengthen the safety monitoring of goods, monitor the cold collection in real time, the state of the transportation of medicines and dangerous products, and ensure the quality of goods and the safe and efficient operation of all the work.

Scenic area solution

The intelligent scenic spot system is based on the WiFi network environment, which brings the traditional scenic spot to the range of wireless scenic spot quickly, and supports wireless WiFi coverage and scenic spot navigation. Real-time of traffic statistics, and can quickly find the current early warning system for regional toll overload for asset location, to monitor the location management, the user to navigate through improve asset utilization, recommendation, appointment, interaction, etc., for users provide better online interactions. The comprehensive, thorough and timely control of the scenic spot through the Internet of things; Using scientific management theory and modern information technology to perfect the organization of scenic spot and optimize the business process of scenic spot; Develop low-carbon tourism, realize the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of scenic area environment, society and economy.

Store solutions

Traditional stores often ignored or don't know how to use offline traffic information collection, for mixed data information, don't know how to analysis the data for his help. Our solution for store industry, specialization of the passenger flow data in stores information data analysis, integrating it into easily store managers to understand and visual graphic chart interface. Managers can use these graphic charts to create the right marketing strategy for the mall. The software of positioning system software + data analysis software can control the activity track and consumption preference of consumers, facilitate accurate and personalized marketing, and improve user experience. Through the online data analysis, make the sales plan can be consistent with the customer's needs.

Prison solution

The modern wireless wifi positioning system can help regulators to monitor the location of prisoners in real time. By giving prisoners an undetachable electronic bracelet, they can transmit the location information of the prisoner to the system in real time, and facilitate the supervision of the supervisor.

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